Friday, 15 July 2016

Shiny new website

We're very excited here as we begin the process to revamp our existing website which has served us very well over the last few years; we thought it was about time to refresh the site and to make it more relevant and modern.

We're working hard with our developers at Mookat to bring you a more accessible and user friendly website that will improve your user experience.

Whilst we're very experienced in what we do, we are again realising that there's so much we don't know, especially in the world of website design, we had to google (as you do) UI, UAT, CMS, etc (although we knew what etc meant!)

So what makes a good website? Well, to use a shop analogy, if you see something that you'd like to buy in the window you don't want to have to spend an age looking for it once you go in to the store, and that is what we're trying to achieve with our website.

We'll let you know how the design is going and once we've gone live we hope you like our new 'shop window'.

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