Monday, 27 February 2012

What a busy week we have planned!

In the next seven days we are:  -

  1. Going to Gretna Green for wedding;
  2. Sponsoring the Real Ale festival at Magna, Rotherham;
  3. Visiting a recently completed straw bale house;
  4. Rehearsing for a forthcoming Charity Show/Quiz night;
  5. Travelling to Northampton to the headquarters of the Association of Building Engineers (and back again);
  6. Presenting a design project (Canal basin restaurant conversion) at Sheffield Hallam University;
...and that’s not counting our day to day workload! Not that we’re complaining, it’s great to be busy.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rotherham Real Ale & Music Festival

We are very pleased to be sponsoring a barrel at the Real Ale & Music Festival to be held at MAGNA, running from Wednesday 29th February to Saturday 3rd March 2012. The Festival is 20 years old this year and there will be over 200 Real Ales for you to choose from with a good range of real cider and a huge choice of wines.

The purpose of the festival is to support local charities that help children throughout South Yorkshire. Last year, £35,000 was shared between their nominated good causes. This year the Festival profits will go to the Rotherham Hospice, Weston Park Hospital, MAGNA Trust and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice (of whom we are a supporter via our activities with BluCrew).

The whole event is organised and run by volunteers. From the people in the "back office" to the bar staff serving your beer, all are unpaid helpers. Thanks to everyone and we hope to see you there.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Life long learning.

Michelle is currently almost half way through the third year of her part time degree in Architectural Technology at Sheffield Hallam University and has been anxiously awaiting the result of a recent exam which she sat in mid January. She’s pleased to have received confirmation that she has attained an excellent pass mark in not only the exam but also the first semester assignments.

The project this semester takes the form of conversion works to a Grade II listed building in the Peak Park to create a new restaurant; this will entail research into conservation methods and practices as well as an element of interior design.

Michelle decided to study for the degree course as part of her commitment to life long learning, she also wanted to expand her knowledge base in the field of Architectural Technology and to challenge her preconceptions and to develop an understanding of the industries emerging innovations and techniques. Of course studying with a group of younger students helps keep the ideas fresh and the subject matter interesting.