Thursday, 21 February 2013

Our philosophy

The first few weeks of the calendar year have traditionally always been very busy here at Taylor Tuxford Associates, as domestic property owners start to thinking…...shall we have that extension built this spring/summer?

To be honest, the first couple of weeks was unusually quiet – most likely because of the snow lying on the ground, which a couple of years ago also seemed to persuade people against picking up the ‘phone to call us.  But, as soon as the snow properly cleared, the ‘phone started buzzing and we have been really quite busy over the past 2-3 weeks.

That’s not to say that we have been filling our coffers with fees, however…..we have been working on another project for BBC TV, on another of their “DIY SOS The Big Build” series.  We aren’t yet in a position to place much in the way of detail about this project onto the website, because apart from the expected restrictions on advertising that the BBC are encumbered with, at the time of writing, the recipient Family has not yet seen the finished product for themselves – what the show calls its “reveal day”, which is scheduled for Thursday 21st February.

On a similar topic, the programme with which we assisted the DIY SOS programme last May in Blyth near Worksop, was finally aired on BBC1 last Wednesday evening.   There were concerns at this end – mainly from Rhys – that the interview he did in front of the cameras with Mark Millar would be cringingly embarrassing.  In the event, his fears were not realised, as the interview appears to have ended up on the cutting room floor.  Evidently, the man supplying the liner for the broken drain made for much more entertaining TV!

It has always been a part of Taylor Tuxford Associates’ philosophy that we will strive to make as big a contribution as we can afford towards community projects and we are currently engaged upon several other projects in the area either on a voluntary basis or at the very least, at reduced fee levels, as our way of putting a little something back into society.

So, if you are reading this blog and you know of an individual who has a construction or property-related problem, or perhaps a community group who may need the services of a firm of Consulting Structural Engineers, Building Engineers and Architectural Designers, please put them in touch with Taylor Tuxford Associates and where possible let’s see if we can perhaps make a difference.